Wisdom Teeth: Reasons You May Want To Talk With Us

You may know about the obvious reasons to come in to talk with us about your wisdom teeth. Maybe you are in pain and you have an inkling that it may be your third molars. Perhaps you’re just following upon a previous conversation or you are aware from seeing X-rays that these teeth likely need removal. However, there are additional reasons you may feel compelled to come in but you may not know if they’re good enough reasons to do so. Let’s examine some not-so-common times you may need to set up an appointment.

You Need A Second Opinion

Perhaps you have been to see a dentist who provided you with information that isn’t sitting right with you. Maybe you were under the impression that two of your wisdom teeth would require removal but this new dentist is saying that you should have all four removed. You simply would like a second opinion and receiving it from an oral surgeon makes you feel more confident. Please come on in for our take on what’s happening with your third molars and a comprehensive evaluation and explanation, so you have a thorough understanding of whether extractions are required (or simply a good idea).

You Don’t Need Another Opinion, Just Help Deciding

Maybe you feel certain about what’s happening with your wisdom teeth and their status. What you are having trouble with is making a final decision. For instance, perhaps you already have all four of your wisdom teeth in your smile. You’ve learned that you may choose to have them removed but it’s not a necessity at this point. You keep going back and forth, trying to decide whether to wait or to schedule extractions. If you think you may be missing some key advice or information, we will be happy to explore the details with you, so you may make an educated decision.

Seek Wisdom Teeth Advice From Us

When you are having trouble determining what is best for your third molars, schedule time to sit down with us for an appointment! Receive the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.