Orthodontics: Why You’re Seeing Our Team!

You may have visited your orthodontist to learn more about how to straighten your smile or, perhaps, to align your child’s smile. Rather than receiving braces or another type of orthodontic system, you may have first been referred to our practice. As a result, you wonder to yourself: How did you leave your home in search of a uniform grin only to find yourself headed toward a team of oral surgeons? Not to worry! We can help you sort out the situation, so you realize sometimes, attaining a straighter smile requires an extra step or two.

It May Be A Case Of Overcrowding

If you need to see us because your orthodontist said it was important, it may be due to overcrowding. This is a term used to define misalignment that includes more teeth that one’s mouth can hold in alignment. The result is often overlapping and/or crooked teeth. Having an oral surgeon remove some of your teeth may be the first step toward making room to allow for an aligned grin.

You May Require Jaw Correction

You or your child may have seen an orthodontist who, though he or she may be able to assist with aligning teeth, detected that what you need now is help with jaw correction. This means that you may require an oral surgeon to provide jaw surgery to repair jaw development that has caused top and bottom teeth to fit together poorly to such a degree that braces alone will not suffice. Will you still need orthodontics after this initial step? Most likely! However, this will ensure the end result is the truly balanced, functional bite you require for optimal oral health. Not only can you expect a smile that looks good but also a healthy smile that works efficiently.

See Our Oral Surgeon Team For Your Needs

Whether you’re on a journey toward a straighter smile or otherwise, our oral surgeon team is here to guide you toward solutions! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.