It’s April…And It’s Time To Protect Your Face!

Unless you happen to be quite keyed into the world of oral surgery, you may not remember that April is a very special month to be recognized amongst oral and maxillofacial surgeons: It’s National Facial Protection Month! In short, this means that we spend some extra time highlighting the fact that serious injuries can affect your face (which includes your jawbone, your teeth, etc.) and that they are very frequently preventable. Let’s get down to business, so you remember we are here to help you avoid problems (and treat them should they occur).

Things To Consider

You may think to yourself that even though you’re on a sports team with other people and some people get hurt, it just doesn’t seem very likely and that you’re conditioned to jump out of the way of an impact. You may also think that if you participate in an activity on your own, there’s really no way to get hurt. Here’s what you should consider before you figure oral surgery will never be something you might end up requiring for facial trauma:

  • Accidents happen even if you are careful. If you’re in a team setting, you won’t always see an impact coming or be able to get out of the way.
  • Even if you are active in solo sports or activities, such as gymnastics, skating, working out at the gym, etc., there’s a chance of your face and mouth coming into contact with equipment or you may fall.

Things To Change

You know that we offer oral surgery for many reasons, including making repairs as the result of facial trauma. Should you experience an injury, you should see us ASAP. However, we also strongly suggest accepting that even if you don’t see an imminent threat, protecting yourself with a mouthguard, helmet, or any other essential head protection is the best approach.

Visit Us To Learn More About Protecting Your Face

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