Your Smile After Oral Surgery: 2 Things Not To Assume

After you see us for the oral surgery your smile needs, you may go home, feel overjoyed by your improved oral health, and then one of two things may happen: First, you may continue treating your smile as you always have, remembering that consistent, mindful care is always necessary. Or, you may think that your newly improved smile is now immaculate and practically immune to problems because it looks and feels so much better. If you think you may fall into the latter category, we have acouple assumptions that you should avoid accidentally making. Remember, it’s easy to keep your smile healthy with consistent, daily care.

#1: Don’t Assume Problems Cannot Develop

Don’t make the wrong assumption that you cannot develop problems with your oral health. This one oral surgery procedure you have received does not prevent other issues from occurring. Should this worry you? Not at all. It just means you should take care of your smile, so you can maintain the wonderful health you’ve attained.

#2: Don’t Assume Your Smile Is Super-Powered

You may feel amazing once you have received oral surgery. Perhaps you receive dental implants and the transformation is exceptional. You feel like you could bite through anything and it couldn’t possibly damage your smile! It’s nice to feel so optimistic and enjoy the stability that you can gain from implants. However, even with the use of advanced surgery and prosthetics, your smile is still vulnerable to damage. Enjoy the benefits but continue to treat your smile with just enough caution.

See Our Practice For Your Oral Surgery Needs

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