Implants: Reviewing Common Candidacy Concerns

Whether you’ve already talked a little bit with us about candidacy for dental implants or if you don’t know a thing about it, the details are always worth reviewing! In addition, they might be something that you find a bit hard to grasp because in general, there’s some pathway that will lead you to candidacy. As a result, it’s usually all about figuring out how to get there and less frequently a final decision. A quick stroll through the specifics will offer you the reminders you need!

In Regard To Age

Let’s start with age and your candidacy for dental implants. It’s a question that comes up very frequently and it’s a good one! The easiest way to think about it is that the only way your age will come into play is if you’re too young and your jaw is still under development. So, implants are usually only available to individuals who are around 18 or older. Past that age marker, your age does not impact your ability to qualify.

In Regard To Oral Health

Your smile health is very important when talking about candidacy for dental implants. We cannot have you go through oral surgery to receive an implant into your jaw and gum tissue if your smile isn’t well. As you know, however, the world of dental care can fix your oral health. If you’re open to fixing problems, then candidacy may be in your future.

In Regard To Your Replacement Needs

There are so very many options when it comes to dental implants that in regard to the number or placement of missing teeth, implants can help. This will not affect your candidacy

Find Out If Implants Will Work Wonders For You

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