Wisdom Teeth: What’s Normal And What’s Not?

When you’re learning about your own wisdom teeth, there are many things you’ll realize you’re not sure about. Primarily, you may begin viewing your third molars through a lens that begs the question: What’s normal and what’s not? Are you having an experience that is common to many people, you wonder? Do lots of people have wisdom teeth removal? Receiving responses to such questions quickly helps you realize that the things you’re experiencing are likely quite common (and we can certainly help with whatever you’re going through!).

A Little Pain: Normal (Definitely Common)

As your wisdom teeth grow in (especially if we have told you that you’re in good shape and that they will be growing in correctly), a little bit of discomfort is not unusual. After all, they’re moving, they’re breaking through your gum tissue, and now you’ve got new teeth in your smile! It might feel funny, odd, or a little irritated. This isn’t anything to worry about. However, if you are worried, you’re more than welcome to contact us!

A Lot Of Pain: Not Normal (Definitely Common)

If you experience a lot of pain as your wisdom teeth erupt or if they have not yet erupted but you’re dealing with lots of discomfort, this isn’t a good sign. Perhaps you have not seen us yet and don’t know the angle at which your third molars are developing or whether they’re impacted. Maybe you’ve had them fully grown in for a while but they don’t feel good. See us very soon. Chances are high you may need wisdom teeth removal.

Choosing Removal: Always A Good Thing (Definitely Common)

Let’s just skip right over the whole “normal” debate to remind you that if you want wisdom teeth removal, it’s actually quite common and it’s always going to provide you with advantages.

Visit Us For The Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

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