Implants And The Timing Of Your Tooth Loss!

You might like the idea of dental implants. That doesn’t mean you assume that you are necessarily a candidate. In fact, something that seems very simply but that ends up feeling quite tricky in relation to seeing us about implants is often the timing of your tooth loss. We frequently find out that patients figured they weren’t missing their tooth long enough or that it had been too long, etc. Let’s talk this topic over with you, so you can hear from our Rohnert Park, CA team about one important detail: You can come to us at any time! As for digging a bit deeper into the specifics, we’re ready when you are!

I Just Lost My Tooth…

If you just lost your tooth, you might think that you are supposed to give it time to heal or wait a few months or something like that. We understand why you would make this assumption. However, the truth is: The sooner you come in the better. We can always see you, examine your smile, learn about your unique requirements for tooth replacement, and then talk about your timeline. It’s better to come in now rather than waiting. We just might be able to address your open space with a dental implant immediately.

I Haven’t Even Lost My Tooth Yet…

We know. You feel funny asking us about replacing your missing tooth when it isn’t even missing yet! However, it’s actually very smart to have a plan in place ahead of time if you’d like a dental implant after you receive a dental extraction. Whether you’re losing the tooth due to disease, because it’s damaged, because it’s in the way of your receiving a denture, etc., it’s better to come in to ask and learn more. That way, we’ve got your entire path toward your complete smile ready to go.

It’s Been A Very Long Time Since I Lost My Tooth…

How long has it been since your tooth loss? Months? Years? Decades? We know that from your side of things, “too long” means that you figure you’re just too late to think about dental implants. Maybe you have some additional smile concerns that make you think you’re just no longer a candidate. Don’t make this incorrect guess! Come in. We are here to help you.

See Us About Implants No Matter When You Lost Your Tooth

Whether your tooth loss occurred two days ago or two decades ago, come in to talk with us about receiving dental implants as your solution. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.