Thinking About Implants? Ask Yourself 3 Things This Weekend.

We know that you might be thinking about your smile and your tooth loss and that dental implants keep coming up as a potential option. We also know that you might not have actually made any movement that would get you one step closer toward finding out about implants (so you can decide whether they’re right for you!). What’s keeping you from completing your smile? To help you figure this out, our Santa Rosa, CA team encourages you to ask yourself a few very important questions this weekend! It will only take a moment or two.

#1: Ask Yourself: Have You Called Us Yet?

Take a moment this weekend to ask yourself if you have called our practice yet to discuss dental implants for your smile. If not, we strongly suggest you take a moment to sit down with your planner, calendar, etc., and figure out when you might have time for a consultation. Then, go ahead when you have a moment and give us a call on Monday morning to set up a visit. Remember that you’ll be coming in for a consultation just so you can get to know more about our oral surgery practice, our team, and the treatments we offer. It will be your step toward really investigating implants for yourself (rather than just thinking about it).

#2: Ask Yourself: How Might Implants Make Your Weekend Better?

Ask yourself how dental implants might make your weekend better. Could you eat at a restaurant you usually avoid? Would you feel better about yourself as you meet up with friends or family? Whatever it is, use this as motivation to come in and learn more!

#3: Ask Yourself: What’s Causing The Hold Up?

If you haven’t called us about dental implants yet but you have been thinking about it (thought you’re not really so sure you’re ready to call us up Monday morning), give yourself a moment over the weekend to ask yourself: Why not? Are you worried about something? Do you have questions about insurance and financing? Are you unsure about who qualifies for implants, so you don’t know whether you should schedule a consultation? First, remember that most patients will qualify (or we can help them get there). As for the remaining details, call our team up! We will answer your questions, so you feel completely comfortable heading our way for a visit.

Make Movement Toward Implants For Your Smile

When you want implants for yourself but you need to learn more, the first step is coming in for a consultation with our team. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.