Skip The Resolutions And Start Right Now

Maybe you’re someone for whom resolutions work wonders! If so, then continue on with your usual New Year’s Eve plans to draft a list of fantastic changes you will follow through on for self-improvement in 2019! However, if you must admit that as much as you wish it would work, resolution making tends to fall flat for you, our Santa Rosa, CA team would like you to consider an alternate route toward achieving your oral surgery needs instead: Skip the resolutions and start immediately.

If You’re Someone Who Procrastinates

Are you someone who really procrastinates? So much so that resolutions don’t really work for you because though they sound like a dream for someone who needs just a little bit of time to work your way up to accomplishing a goal, you just end up putting them off? Good news: Deciding to go against your usual method of handling things and just picking the phone up to call us right now to schedule a visit to discuss oral surgery is to your advantage. Remember, you don’t have to set the visit up for today or tomorrow or even this year. You can set it up for 2019. However, the scheduling portion will be complete, which can really help you get going with whatever your smile requires.

If You Don’t Really Procrastinate

If you’re not someone who procrastinates, then that may be the reason that resolutions don’t really register with you. You want to make changes? You make them right away! Why wait for weeks or months to give yourself the time and space to do so? With that in mind, our team thinks that this is a very good idea for you. Call us today. Let us know if you are already considering a particular oral surgery treatment, such as dental implants, or if you are simply ready to come in to learn more about your oral health.

If You’ve Just Been Considering This For A While

Maybe you aren’t really focused on your scheduling of care but more focused on the fact that you’ve been really thinking about seeking oral surgery care for some time now. You just never felt like you knew where to begin. If you’d rather save your resolutions for something else, then just call us up! Get your visit on the books immediately and you’ll have your starting point taken care of in a snap!

Set Up A Visit ASAP For Care With Our Team

Get your oral surgery plans started immediately by contacting us today to set up an appointment. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.