Your Implant Experience: 3 Things You Should Have

You have a good idea of what you will need in terms of your actual journey toward dental implants: You’ll need to figure out your finances, you’ll need to choose an implant treatment you feel happy with, and you’ll need to schedule some visits with our Rohnert Park, CA team. However, we happen to have a few helpful reminders for those things that will help you out in terms of support along the way that you may not have considered. They’re very simple and can make a world of difference!

#1: Our Contact Number And Address

This may seem super simple but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have already followed through with this suggestion! We remind you that when you’re choosing to receive dental implants with our practice, one of the things that can really save you time, save you from experiencing aggravation, and more is to simply program us into your phone! When you have us saved as a contact, there’s no taking extra steps to look up our number or to try to find our address.

#2: Some Type Of Planner Or Calendar

If you don’t already have a calendar or planner or app that you rely on to keep up with details and appointments, then now might be the time to start. When it’s time to get going with dental implants, you’ll have visits, procedures, follow-ups, and more! Rather than make life difficult as you try to find the envelope you scribbled your time and date on (or rather than accidentally forget), start keeping track through the method that works most easily for you!

#3: A Helpful Loved One, Friend, Etc.

While you won’t need a whole lot of support, you might want to be sure you have a friend or loved one on hand here and there when you need it. For instance, when you receive your dental implants, you will undergo a surgical procedure for implantation, which will include the use of dental sedation. Once you’re ready to head home, you’ll need someone to drive you there and to get situated, so you have time for anesthesia to wear off and to rest. You may also need someone to help out with picking kids up from school, etc., if you have additional life responsibilities! Keep this in mind, so you can easily plan ahead for specific visits in which you need a bit of back up.

Schedule Implant Time With Us Soon

Whether implant time for you includes learning about dental implants, coming in for placement, getting going with grafting, or otherwise, come see us soon! Once you begin, you’re on the road toward a complete smile. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.