Peri-Implantitis: 4 Things To Remember

If you are new to dental implants, then you may be a bit new to a problem that can put implants at risk: It’s called peri-implantitis and it is avoidable! With that said, our Santa Rosa, CA team would like to offer you a quick review of important things to remember about this disorder. When you remain well informed and proactive in terms of keeping your implants and your smile safe, preventing problems and enjoying many years of success with your complete smile is absolutely achievable (if not easy) to do!

#1: It Happens Specifically Around An Implant

You probably know about gum disease, which is what happens when bacteria remain in contact with your gum tissue. They release acids that irritate your gingiva. Then, your gums become inflamed and can also become infected. When this sort of problem occurs not around your natural teeth but around a dental implant, it’s called peri-implantitis. Your gums and your bone tissue may become inflamed and infected, which is dangerous for the success of your tooth replacement and your oral health.

#2: It Can Result In Implant Failure

As with any other type of tissue concern, you may wonder: How serious is peri-implantitis? Just like all other forms of periodontal issues, it’s very serious and can lead to the failure of your dental implants. So, keep this in mind not as a means of worrying yourself but as motivation to stay up-to-date with all aspects of the care you provide for your oral health.

#3: Smoking Encourages Peri-Implantitis

We remind patients that the act of smoking and using other tobacco products will increase the chance of developing peri-implantitis. This is one of the reasons that smoking can greatly increase your chance of implant failure. Remember, if you are interested in smoking cessation, not only will this lessen your risk of peri-implantitis but a whole host of other issues that may lead to detrimental effects not only for your tooth replacements but also for your oral health and your overall health, as well.

#4: Daily And Long-Term Prevention Are Key

We know that any new type of oral disease can sound scary and daunting. However, our team wants you to remember that you can easily enjoy success when you remember to brush and floss as you are directed, to keep up with dental checkups twice a year, and to see our team or your general dentist the moment you notice a concern or change with your smile!

Protect Your Implants For Long-Term Success

Remember that when you keep your smile as clean and healthy as possible, you limit bacteria and the diseases that they encourage, including peri-implantitis. Visit us for implant care details and advice! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.