Removing Wisdom Teeth: Facts To Make You Feel Better

When you learn that wisdom teeth removal is strongly suggested for your smile (or when you aren’t quite sure yet but it appears that it’s something you might need to look into), you might feel a quick jolt of uncertainty. What happens if you decide to follow through on extractions? Should you be weighing pros and cons carefully? Also: How on earth are you supposed to suddenly know that it’s time to have your third molars removed, you wonder? Let our Santa Rosa, CA team help you feel much better by extending some important details.

Cavities Are Likely

Since wisdom teeth develop last and they are way in the back of your mouth (and they often don’t erupt all the way), they can be exceptionally difficult to brush and floss. Since they’re hard to care for, the development of tooth decay is much more likely than on other teeth. Keep this in mind when you follow through with wisdom teeth removal: The choice often protects you from very common potential oral health issues.

They’re Totally Unnecessary

You don’t have to worry that you’re shorting yourself in some way by visiting us for wisdom teeth removal and saying goodbye to third molars. Of course, if these teeth are present, healthy, and easy to clean, they can provide you with the benefit of more teeth for chewing, etc. However, you do not need them. So, if it turns out that we suggest wisdom teeth removal because these molars are impacted, too difficult to clean, or they are having any other significant problems, you can say goodbye to them without a single worry. Your oral health will be just fine (if not better protected!).

Your General Dentist Looks For Issues

If you’re worried that you need to take it upon yourself to schedule special visits with our oral surgery practice in order to check in on what’s happening with your wisdom teeth, otherwise you might never know, this isn’t the case! Fortunately, there’s no big guessing game when it comes to your third molars. Instead, when you go in for your twice-annual dental checkups, your general dentist will be able to keep you informed in regard to the well-being of wisdom teeth. Whether this is for you or your growing teen, just remember that preventive care visits are your key to updated oral health knowledge!

Millions Undergo Removal Every Year

Remember that you’re not the only patient dealing with wisdom teeth removal! Millions of patients have their third molars removed every single year.

Gather Wisdom Teeth Knowledge With Us

When you have questions about wisdom teeth removal and you’re unsure about the details, remember that we are a wellspring of knowledge! Bring us your third molar inquiries and we will be happy to help. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.