Wisdom Teeth: Do I Really Need Them Taken Out?

You may find that as you learn about wisdom teeth removal, you have trouble feeling certain about it. Part of you wonders: Do I really need my third molars removed? Of course, if you’re dealing with obvious symptoms, such as pain or decayed teeth, you’re already experiencing problems that let you know you would benefit from extractions. However, when you cannot see or feel these teeth, it can make the whole thing seem somewhat mysterious. Allow our Santa Rosa, CA team to help you better understand the choice you’re trying to make.

How Do I Know What’s Really Happening?

You may have some worries about your wisdom teeth and whether or not you really require wisdom teeth removal because you don’t really see anything happening. You want some proof and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to understand what’s going on behind the scenes and how we know extractions are a good idea. Remember: Our practice relies on the use of advanced imaging in the form of digital X-rays. So, we can most certainly provide you with a visual explanation of what’s going on with those third molars and why we’ve decided that it’s to your benefit to have them removed.

What If They’re Not That High-Risk?

You may wonder: What if your wisdom teeth aren’t high-risk? What if we determine that they appear to be heading in a dangerous direction as they develop? What if they pose somewhat of a threat but it’s not dire? We remind you that wisdom teeth removal is elective in many cases. While what we determine a certain threat is enough for us to feel completely comfortable suggesting extractions, it is always up to you. We will be happy to discuss pros and cons and likely expectations with you!

How Do I Know They’ll Be Hard To Manage?

You don’t really know how hard your wisdom teeth will be to manage if they’re still developing. For those whose teeth show up, grow in completely, and don’t cause any immediate problems, there’s the chance that thorough daily care may yield third molars that never cause a single issue. When this is the case, it’s really a matter of personal preference and opinion. If you don’t want to risk it, you may select wisdom teeth removal. If you feel good about it, you may always go about your usual preventive care and elect to have them removed later if it turns out they’re difficult.

Find Out More About Wisdom Teeth

When you’re on the fence in terms of choosing to follow through with wisdom teeth removal or not, we remind you that we are here to answer as many questions as you have. Come in for third molar education! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.