Avoiding Complications After An Extraction

Are you worried? Is your concern geared not so much toward the fact that you need a dental extraction but you’re primarily curious and focused on what happens once you go home? Perhaps you’re concerned about dry socket, a problem that occurs when you disrupt your body’s natural scabbing process, during which a clot forms within the extraction site. While this is a possibility, our Santa Rosa, CA team reminds you that it’s very easy to recover without a single hiccup, assuming you follow our guidelines! Let us help ease your mind, so you realize that following through with essential tooth removal is no biggie!

Remember To Ask For Whatever You Need

First, we remind our patients to ask us for whatever they need! If you need a review of instructions for your smile after you receive a dental extraction, then let us know! If you feel like something just isn’t on track as you recover or you’re worried about a sensation, don’t be too shy to call. We would much rather tell you that everything is A-OK than see you later after a treatable problem was neglected. We are always here to help!

Remember To Follow Instructions After Extractions

Whether you’re receiving a dental extraction for a damaged tooth, orthodontics, a wisdom tooth, or anything else, we remind you that you will be heading home with a detailed set of instructions. Do your best to follow them as closely as you can, so you know that you’re successfully promoting your body’s quickest recovery.

In A Nutshell, Don’t…

In short, when you’re doing your best to avoid complications that can arise after a dental extraction, you’ll need to let the site rest and heal. This means not making immediate contact, it means not making any sucking motions (like using a straw), it means not eating hard foods, and delicate care as you recover.

Remember, Everything Will Be Okay

Maybe you worry that you’ve dislodged the clot that’s been forming, even though you have been doing your best to promote your recovery after a dental extraction. We remind you that everything is going to be okay! Rather than panic, call our team. Let us know what’s happening. If your clot has become disturbed in any way, there’s a solution. Simply remember that the world of dental care and oral surgery are on your side and that letting us know when you’re concerned is the best approach!

See Us For Dental Extractions

Let us know when you’re in need of a dental extraction, so we may guide you along your path toward your healthier smile. Follow our suggestions for aftercare and recovery and your healing will move along with ease! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.