What’s Preventive Care Got To Do With Implants?

You probably don’t have any doubts about preventive care because, of course, you have been following through with brushing your smile, flossing your smile, and keeping up with recommended dental visits for most of your life! Or at least, that’s the goal. Now, you may wonder: Once you have dental implants in place, what’s all of that prevention got to do with your smile and your prosthetics? Is it still just as important or is this something you can slowly back off of and dismiss altogether? In short, our Santa Rosa, CA team reminds you that you should keep those habits strong, practicing them as you always have. As for why…

It Helps Keep Smiles With Implants Safe

If you are thorough with your preventive care once you receive dental implants, then you can put your fears, worries, and uncertainty about the success of your implants aside. That’s because you still need prevention just as much as you ever did and it offers you the same type of protection you have always enjoyed for your oral health. In addition to protecting your natural tissues through brushing, flossing, and scheduling checkups and cleanings, all of these efforts also support your implants and restorations. Keeping your smile clean and safe promotes long-term success for all aspects of your grin (even those composed of artificial tissue).

It Helps You Avoid Further Tooth Loss

Piggybacking on the aforementioned reminder that preventive care keeps your natural and artificial tissues safe (including dental implants), remember that this means you’re promoting a healthy smile that is not on a path toward additional tooth loss. Keep up with your care, so you may keep your smile intact!

It Lets You Know What’s Happening

One of those things that you may not want to admit but that you may deal with on a daily basis is wondering if your dental implants are okay. You may feel a new sensation or bite into something too hard and wonder: Did I damage my implant? Is everything okay? Is my smile going to make it?

While you may always contact us or your general dentist when you have a sudden sensation that worries you or your instincts tell you something has changed, remember that your six-month dental checkups are very helpful. When what you really need is a consistent check-in with dental professionals to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes, whether everything is on track, and more, remember that checkups give you that insight!

Protect Implants With Preventive Care

Keep up with your preventive dental visits with your general dentist, so you do not accidentally overlook changes and so you can remain calm and confident about your smile. Additional concerns? Just call us! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.