Damaged And Undamaged Teeth: Frequent Extraction Questions! 

When you have a damaged tooth, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? Then, when you have an undamaged tooth that appears to be causing some serious problems for your oral health, again, you wonder: Is it going to have to come out? When you’re unfamiliar with the particulars of dental extractions but you’re aware that the continued presence of your tooth in your smile just won’t do, it may leave you uncertain about what the future holds. Gain some peace of mind, as our Santa Rosa, CA team lays out the details of tooth removal, so you feel better about what you can expect.

Question: Do All Damaged Teeth Require Removal?

You might worry the second you realize you’ve damaged your tooth that you’re going to need a dental extraction. Or, on the other side of things, you may worry that your tooth that you are fairly certain needs to be removed is going to be something that a dentist will insist you should save. Here’s what you need to remember: The only time we remove damaged teeth is when other restorative treatments (such as dental crowns, root canal treatments, and fillings) will not suffice. The goal is to get your smile back to optimal oral health. That is the baseline used to determine whether a tooth should stay or go!

Question: Can You Help Me Replace Extracted (Essential) Teeth?

When you come to us for a dental extraction, you might feel unsure about what’s going to happen later on. Once the tooth is gone. Will you go forever without a tooth, should you have one of your essential teeth removed (as in, it’s not a wisdom tooth)? Of course not! Keep in mind that we are an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice offering a comprehensive selection of treatments, which means we also provide dental implants and restorations!

Question: How Many Visits Will An Extraction Take?

Generally speaking, you can simply expect to come in to our practice for just one visit, when you require a dental extraction. For specifics about your unique smile needs, ask our team about the details, so you may plan accordingly!

Question: Do You Ever Remove Healthy Teeth?

We do! While removing diseased, damaged teeth is the norm, don’t forget that some healthy teeth are “in the way” or are potentially problematic down the line. This can refer to teeth that contribute to overcrowding (and require removal for braces, etc.) or wisdom teeth that are healthy but that are too difficult to maintain.

Get Answers To Extraction Questions

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