Winter In July: Start Those Implants Today! 

Have you been noticing those holiday and wintertime specials going on now, in the midst of summer? Why not hop on the “winter in July” train by personalizing it in a way that makes sure your smile is ready for the holiday season? After all, what better present could you possibly select now and enjoy by the time the winter holidays arrive than dental implants for your missing teeth? In addition to simply being relieved and overjoyed at your complete grin and improved oral health, you’ll also be thrilled to feel ready, beautiful, and able to completely participate in the festivities that the merriest of seasons has to offer. Learn more from our Rohnert Park, CA team about getting started now (and why)!

You’ll Need The Time

We know that it’s very easy for time to get away from you, particularly when you’re used to being able to secure a dental treatment for your smile that generally takes just one day. So, we offer you this ahead-of-time reminder because dental implants aren’t like other treatments. They require oral surgery and a longer period of time for healing, recovery, and then the restoration of those implants (the placement of dental crowns, dentures, a bridge, etc.). If you want to be ready for the winter holidays, then you will generally need to start by summer at the latest, as around six months to a year may be required for absolute completion!

Think Back To Previous Holiday Seasons

Now you know that you’ll need the time from now through winter to actually go through the process of receiving and completing your smile with dental implants. With that said, you may be wondering why you decided on the winter season as your general deadline to begin with. Is it really so pressing to get started? Simply consider this quick exercise: Think back to holiday time and how you felt about your smile. If your missing teeth made your celebrations less enjoyable and you promised yourself you’d look into implants (and have a complete smile by the next season), then today is probably the day to get started!

As Mentioned: It’s A Lovely Gift

Maybe you’re a patient who has trouble finding the motivation to follow through with dental implants. If so, then thinking of them as a special holiday gift to give yourself may help. If you’d like to be able to actually enjoy this gift (not just the idea of a complete smile) when holiday time arrives, then start ASAP!

Start Your Implant Experience Today

Hit your goal of enjoying a complete smile by the winter holidays by coming in ASAP to learn more about dental implants and to get your journey started. We are just a phone call away, so contact us soon! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.