Extractions: An End Point Or A Fresh Start?

Depending on your perspective, a dental extraction can seem like the end of something (as you say goodbye to your tooth) or the very beginning of something (as you plan on rebuilding your smile with dental implants). So, which is it, you wonder? Should you feel bad about losing your tooth or good about removing tissue that’s damaged and that has the capacity to cause additional harm to your oral health? In short: Choosing to see our Santa Rosa, CA team to extract a tooth that needs to go should always be something you feel good about. As for the more philosophical side of your outlook, let’s work through the details!

The (Beneficial) End Point

First, of course, your dental extraction is most definitely an end point. However, we want you to remember that you should think of this as a beneficial ending, not a sad one! True, you may lament the loss of your tooth for just a bit (however, remember that help is on the way with dental implants, hint hint!). It’s important to recognize that when you have a tooth removed that is diseased and your smile is treated, the disease stops and can no longer impact your oral health. When a damaged tooth is removed, it cannot become further damaged, nor can it result in additional complications. It’s a treatment that lets you end a difficult chapter, as you look forward to improvement!

Your Restored Smile

Now, we remind you that a dental extraction is actually considered a restorative treatment. Keep in mind that restoring your smile is all about getting it back to good health. So, as mentioned, you’ve allowed us to remove disease and damage, which gives your smile the chance to say goodbye to chronic problems that can become worse. Fortunately, removal of a problematic tooth also sets the slate clean for the placement of a dental implant and restoration, so you have a healthy and complete (meaning, fully restored) smile back! It’s a fresh start!

Your Fresh Start

Is that it, you wonder, as far as the “fresh start” idea is concerned? Of course not! Remember that a big part of your fresh start with dental implants is going to include the emotional side of things: Your daily quality of life that was not doing so well with your damaged or diseased tooth is going to skyrocket! You’ve got a complete, healthy, beautiful smile again that actually works as it is supposed to, so you’re looking at lovely days ahead.

Choose Dental Extractions For Problematic Teeth

Remember that removing teeth that are damaged and that are posing a threat to your oral health is always the right choice. For more information about dental extractions and implants, call us today! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.