Extractions: Teeth You Do And Do Not Need! 

One of the most common concerns that patients express to our Rohnert Park, CA team when we suggest a dental extraction? They worry about whether or not the tooth that is being removed is a tooth that is necessary. Will the tooth need to be replaced? Or, can it go and be forgotten with no ill oral health consequences to consider? We understand your concerns and remind you that we will always walk you through the details, when we suggest an oral surgery treatment! For now, let’s work our way through different types of teeth, those that you need, and those that you don’t! (And remember, we offer dental implants for those that need replacing!).

Baby Teeth: Yes, They Are Important

We know that you may have some ideas about baby teeth that aren’t necessarily accurate, if you think of them as unimportant because they eventually fall out. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can get your kiddo’s oral health into trouble! Here’s what you need to know: These primary teeth are incredibly important. Think of them as guides for the teeth that will follow them. While you want to keep them (and keep them healthy for as long as possible), professional removal is sometimes necessary for complete smile health protection. So, if a baby tooth requires a dental extraction, it’s important to follow through with the care our oral surgeons provide (rather than ignoring the issue or damage) to ensure your child’s smile develops safely and properly!

Permanent Teeth (All But Third Molars): Essential!

Leaving your third molars out of the picture for the moment, we remind you that all of your permanent teeth are considered essential. So, if you need to have a dental extraction to remove one for any reason, this is the type of tooth that will require replacement. Though this may make you feel a bit worried at first, we remind you that all will be well again! We offer comprehensive dental implant services for a complete smile!

Extracted Teeth For Orthodontics: Not Necessary

Now, about those permanent teeth (aside from wisdom teeth): Remember that there’s one exception. If you have to have some of them removed as part of a bigger smile care plan, such as for orthodontics, then you do not need these teeth!

Wisdom Teeth: You Don’t Need Them

Nope. You absolutely do not need your wisdom teeth. If you need a dental extraction for one, multiple, or all of them, you’ll be just fine without them.

Ask Us Your Extraction Questions

Bring us any and all questions you have about your upcoming tooth extraction, so you can feel completely knowledgeable and confident in terms of what you can expect for the future of your smile! Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.