How Implants Help When You’re Super Tired 

Dental implants offer many benefits with which you have probably become recently very familiar, if you’re figuring out what to do next about your missing tooth or teeth. You know that they replace roots, that they can last forever, and that there are different ways to utilize them in order to arrive at one beautifully complete smile! However, one major advantage you may not have really recognized yet that’s a bit of an indirect benefit of selecting them? Our Santa Rosa, CA team wants you to remember that if your experience with tooth loss is tiring you out in more ways that one, implants can take care of this serious problem! Wondering how? We’re ready to explain!

It’s An Emotional Refresh!

Carrying what feels like an enormous weight around with you, thanks to the stress associated with tooth loss? Once you have dental implants and restorations in place, you won’t deal with the exhaustion of carrying that burden around any longer!

Being Around Other People? No Longer Exhausting.

Generally speaking, simply being near other people, speaking with them, collaborating with colleagues, etc., is no biggie. However, you didn’t realize that tooth loss could completely turn this whole experience on its ear! While you previously didn’t even give a second though to simply speaking with someone or smiling at them, suddenly it’s a whole new experience (and a very challenging, very tiring one at that). Can the other individual understand you? Are they staring at your open smile spaces? How can you camouflage what’s going on? Rather than feeling more confident over time, we find that patients often feel worse about this over time. When you decide to end the issue with the placement of dental implants and restorations, this part of your life snaps back to what it once was: Easy!

You Can Go Back To Life As Usual

Feeling exhausted by grocery shopping? Figuring out how to get through your dental hygiene twice daily? Addressing food and debris that becomes caught in the open spaces in your smile? Wondering how to get through a meal, while choosing something you can chew and that will become minimally problematic for those just mentioned little food traps in your grin? We understand. This is tiring. Fortunately, when you choose to say yes to dental implants and restorations, you’re giving yourself back your smile. When you have a truly complete smile again (roots included!), you can get back to life as you knew it before your tooth loss. There’s no more extra thinking involved with meal planning, dental hygiene, or otherwise!

Make Life Easy With Implants

Say goodbye to exhaustion related to your tooth loss and welcome in a new era of an easy-to-maintain smile (and improved quality of life), when you select dental implants with our oral surgery practice. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.