What Jawbone Grafting Has to Do with Dental Implants

The good news about dental implants is that they don’t just replace lost teeth roots, they also help preserve your jawbone’s strength and integrity by stimulating it. Every time you bite and chew with your new implants, the stimulation tells your body that your jawbone has teeth to support with minerals and nutrients. However, until a dental implant is placed, this stimulation is lacking, and so is the amount of nutrients your body sends your jawbone. The resulting drop in nutrient flow can lead to the loss of your jawbone’s mass and density, and if severe enough, it could mean that you should consider jawbone grafting before receiving your dental implants.

Your jawbone’s the foundation of your smile

Your jawbone is the foundation of your smile in many ways. It supports your teeth by their roots, making them incredibly sturdy as you bite and chew with them. It also supplies them with nutrients to keep your teeth strong and healthy for life. In the case of dental implants, your jawbone structure is also the key to your smile restoration’s success. Implants are designed for your jawbone structure to fuse to their surfaces, allowing it to hold them nearly as steady as they hold your healthy teeth roots.

It needs to be healthy enough for implants

Because it’s the foundation of support for both your healthy, natural teeth and your dental implant restoration, your jawbone’s health and integrity plays an integral role in planning your treatment. The loss of its mass and density may be due to the loss of your teeth roots, or it may be compounded by the existence of an underlying problem like severe gum disease. Before planning your implant placement, we’ll carefully check the health and integrity of your jawbone and oral tissues and recommend grafting or other personalized treatment, if necessary.

Grafting can fortify it in preparation

While jawbone erosion may be a problem for some patients, jawbone grafting can help them overcome the problem to strengthen their smiles’ foundations. By grafting donor bone or another biocompatible material to the weak areas of your jawbone structure, we can help provide a more stable and durable foundation for your smile, and improve your chances at enjoying your new smile for life.

Learn about jawbone grafting and dental implants

In preparation for dental implants, you may benefit from jawbone grafting to provide your new smile a stronger, healthier foundation. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.