Will You Need Oral Surgery for That?

When you fail to keep up with general dental care, you can expose your oral health to common issues like a tooth decaying or your gums becoming diseased. Most common issues can also be addressed by your general dentist during your next checkup or other subsequent visit, even if it reaches a severe stage. However, there are many oral health concerns that can’t be corrected with general care, and in some cases, couldn’t have been prevented, either. Such conditions may require a customized oral surgery plan to correct.

To extract your broken or impacted tooth?

Tooth extraction is typically a general dental procedure, and involves carefully removing a tooth that can longer function properly. There’s less need for tooth extraction these days due to improve dental technology and treatment options. However, conditions like impacted wisdom teeth or teeth that have become severely damaged may still require extraction. Depending on the nature and severity of the condition, extracting the tooth might require oral surgery, particularly for impacted teeth or those whose roots have become fractured or broken. The surgical procedure ensures the tooth structure is completely removed with minimal trauma to the surrounding jawbone structure or oral tissues.

To correct the alignment of your jaw?

Complicated tooth extraction isn’t the only reason why you might need oral surgery in the course of your dental health care. For example, jaw surgery can help correct issues with your jawbone that affect its overall health, function, and/or alignment. If your jaw is congenitally asymmetrical, then it may impact how well the rest of your oral structures (such as your jaw joints) can function when you bite and chew. If your jawbone is weak in certain areas, it may impact your risks of losing teeth in the near future. Corrective jawbone surgery can often be recommended to address such issues and improve the foundation of your oral health.

To repair your oral and facial structures?

In addition to your jawbone, other oral and facial structures may become damaged through accidental facial trauma. The extent of this trauma varies greatly, as does the need for surgery to repair the damage and rebuild the affected structures. A comprehensive facial trauma surgery and recovery plan can be designed to conservatively address the trauma and repair your oral and facial structures. This may also include replacing any lost or knocked-out teeth with an appropriate number of dental implants.

Learn if you can benefit from oral surgery

When you have a complex oral health issue to address, conservative oral surgery can help ensure optimal results in treating it. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.