What Dental Implants Can Do for a Smile that’s Lost Teeth

Replacing a tooth that’s been lost or extracted does a lot for your smile and oral health. You can regain the confidence you once had knowing your smile looks complete again, and the enjoyment of eating many of your favorite foods again. However, many modern tooth replacement options are limited in what all they can do for your smile and oral health, apart from restoring its appearance and some of your bite’s function. That’s because many of them lack a solution for supporting themselves with as much comfort and stability as your healthy, natural teeth, which are held in place by sturdy, anchored roots.

Your smile’s reaction to missing teeth

The need to replace a missing tooth can seem obvious, especially to those who experience it. However, that need can be more significant than you realize, and can have a greater impact on your oral health the longer you wait to address the loss. In addition to the obvious consequences of tooth loss, your smile and oral structures also react to it in several less conspicuous, but profound, ways. For example, losing a tooth disrupts the balance your bite relies on to function properly. Some teeth may become damaged as they’re placed under greater pressure. Others may shift out of alignment as they try to accommodate the change. The loss of each tooth’s root can also lead to several consequences within the jawbone structure surrounding them, such as diminished stimulation and the loss of mass and density that follows.

The limits of traditional restorations

The interaction between your teeth roots and the rest of your oral structures is an intricate one, and most conventional tooth replacements don’t attempt to replicate it. Instead, they rely on customized systems designed to utilize other oral structures for support. For example, a dental bridge consists of one or a pair of crowns that are bonded to healthy nearby teeth, known as abutment teeth. Partial dentures include clasps that fit comfortably around existing teeth and a custom-made base, which full dentures grip your dental ridge and use its natural curvature for support.

Why dental implants are often a better option

While conventional replacement teeth do an adequate job of helping many patients regain their smiles and oral health, the lack of a lifelike supportive base can limit their ability to fully restore your smile. To create a more realistic option, we often recommend supporting a custom dental restoration on one or more dental implant posts, which are designed specifically to replicate the functions of healthy, natural teeth roots. Implant posts are placed within the jawbone structure where the missing teeth roots once rested, and after the bone structure heals to the implant posts, they can be utilized to support your replacement tooth or teeth with greater comfort and stability.

Learn what dental implants could do for your smile

Tooth loss is different for everyone, but restoring a smile afterward is often easier with the help of one or more dental implant posts. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.