Is It Worth Extracting Wisdom Teeth if They Don’t Hurt?

Extracting Wisdom TeethWhen your third molars, or wisdom teeth, become impacted before they can erupt, the impaction can cause a wide range of serious concerns with your oral health. Increasingly more intense levels of discomfort are among them, and when wisdom teeth start to hurt, it’s often the reason why people seek treatment and learn of the problem. However, for some people, extracting wisdom teeth before they become problematic can be a more proactive way of preserving their oral health and avoiding potentially serious complications later.

Why wisdom teeth do start to hurt

Your third set of molars are unique in several different ways. For one, they’re the last set of permanent teeth to develop, and don’t usually begin to erupt until the ages of 18-25. Because of this, third molars have to fit at the ends of your dental ridges, and for many people, there isn’t enough space here to accommodate the growth of their wisdom teeth. This can lead to the molar becoming impacted and forcing itself against your jawbone structure and other teeth as it continues to try to erupt.

The circumstances around wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom tooth impaction can be a serious problem when it’s ignored long enough. The problem doesn’t go away on its own, as the tooth will remain impacted and the discomfort will continue to grow worse as the tooth structure continues to try to erupt from your dental ridge. The good news is that the tooth structure can be successfully removed from within the bone structure of your dental ridge with minor surgical tooth extraction. Also, your bite and smile and function more than adequately without your third molars, meaning you can have them extracted without worrying about the need to replace them.

Why you might consider extracting them early

When one or more wisdom teeth become impacted, the problem is often obvious. However, this is only because of the discomfort that the condition causes, which becomes more noticeable the more severe the problem becomes. Because you don’t need your third set of molars for your bite to function properly, you may benefit from extracting your wisdom teeth before they have a chance to start hurting. Wisdom tooth extraction can eliminate the possibility of your wisdom teeth becoming impacted, or address the problem as soon as possible if they already have.

Learn if wisdom tooth extraction is a good idea

Wisdom tooth extraction is often recommended when third molars become impacted, but can you benefit from extracting them before they start to cause you trouble? To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.