Other Parts of Your Smile that React to Tooth Loss

Given the intricate nature of how your oral structures and tissues are connected, most oral health problems can have greater consequences than what you can immediately notice. This is true of common conditions like periodontal disease, which affects your gum tissues but is the most frequent cause of tooth loss. It’s also true for more severe conditions, such as the loss of one or more of your teeth, regardless of the reason. Today, we explore a few other parts of your smile that react to tooth loss, and how those reactions can influence your long-term oral health.

The foundation of your dental ridges

Your upper and lower dental ridges make up the foundations upon which your healthy, natural teeth are supported. Though it may not be obvious, the presence of your teeth and their roots plays an important role in the continued good health and integrity of these ridges. When you bite and chew your food, for instance, the pressure stimulates your teeth roots, and this stimulation signals your body to send an ample amount of nutrients to the bone structure. One of the more profound reactions to tooth loss includes the way in which your dental ridges begin to lose mass and density following the loss of your teeth roots.

The health of your periodontal tissues

Your periodontal tissues, or gums, form the protective layer of tissues that protect your teeth and dental ridges, up to the point where your tooth’s root becomes the crown. The seal between these tissues and your teeth is the main line of defense between your teeth roots and the harmful oral bacteria that could compromise them. However, if you lose one or more teeth, then the quality of this seal can be compromised around your remaining teeth. This can lead to a more excessive buildup of oral bacteria along and underneath your gums, making it more likely that you’ll develop periodontal disease.

The oral and facial structures around your smile

When you lose one or more teeth roots, the diminished stimulation and loss of mass and density in your dental ridge can create several additional concerns with your oral health. For instance, as your jawbone grows weaker, you can become more likely to experience further tooth loss and oral health complications. As the dental ridge grows smaller, it can also impact the appearance of your cheekbones and other facial structures, creating an even more visible impact to your smile and facial appearance.

Restore more of your smile after losing teeth

Your oral health reacts to the loss of one or more teeth in ways that may not be obvious at first, but can still devastate your smile long-term. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625.