How Replacing Lost Teeth Saves Your Smile

Replacement.Oftentimes, losing a tooth can be prevented with staying on top of routine dental visits and maintaining excellent oral health habits at home. It is important to know, however, that there are also a variety of factors that contribute to tooth loss, such as decay due to poor hygiene or preventive measures, dislodged or broken teeth due to a physical accident, and pretty much everything in-between. While there are some circumstances that warrant the removal of a tooth, it is necessary to note that there are options for restoring a lost tooth and that the benefits are threefold. At Santa Rosa Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, California, we recognize the importance of replacing any lost teeth, and want to share with you why it is better to do so.

Decreased Risk of Further Loss

When you must lose an oral structure to extraction due to infection, what is happening is that harmful oral bacteria has developed, grown, and spread, causing deterioration. In most circumstances, a crown can be saved by removing the infection from a cavity and filling the hole that remains. When the process is permitted to continue, the possibility of saving the structure decreases exponentially, causing the need for removal. While this may seem the end of the road for that specific oral structure, you must keep in mind that harmful bacteria do not simply stop spreading, and the surrounding teeth and gums are still at risk. By replacing the former tooth with an artificial one, you are dramatically decreasing the chances of further infection and disease, as the bacteria will no longer have an open place to reside.

Evens Out Your Bite

Not only do dental implants and restorations prevent further loss, but they also play a factor in functionality. Each structure contains a hidden portion known as the root. The root resides underneath the gum line embedded in the jawbone, and this secure bond allows your teeth to endure the stress of biting and chewing. When a tooth is absent, your bite is readjusted to accommodate for the lack of structure, thus causing unevenness. If the section is not replaced, you may develop difficulty chewing, biting, or even enunciating. Not only this, but your jaw structure may begin to slowly deteriorate as there is no longer a bond that exercises the bone. A dental implant essentially creates an artificial root that is bonded to the bone that heals around it, allowing your bite to endure the necessary stress for chewing and biting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, in addition to the reasons above, replacing the gap in your smile with a custom, tooth-colored restoration allows you to once again enjoy the benefits of a full and complete smile. For more information on how our dental implant process can benefit you, contact our office today.

Staying on Top of Oral Health

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