Removing Wisdom Teeth Protects Your Smile

santa rosa wisdom teeth

The wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are up to four new molars that don’t arrive until we reach out late teens and early 20s. Without treatment to remove them, they can cause major problems with the health, balance, and beauty of your smile. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons talk about how we gently remove these third molars with a tooth extraction.

The Dangers Associated with Wisdom Teeth

These additional molars erupt in the rear of teeth, and since there is often little room for them, this could mean serious complications for your smile. The third molars could only partially erupt, creating an impacted tooth that could cause discomfort. The arrival of the wisdom teeth could also crowd the smile, causing misalignment that changes the appearance of your smile and increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You could also be more likely to develop infection and damaged teeth too. But our team can help prevent these negative changes by extracting your wisdom teeth.

Planning the Tooth Extraction

Our team will take detailed digital x-rays of your smile to assess the position of the teeth and the threat they pose for your smile. If we find tooth extraction is right for you, then our team will numb the area and administer dental sedation to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed, even if you have dental anxiety.

Taking Out Your Third Molars

When you are properly prepared, our team will open the gums above these teeth so we can access and remove them prior to eruption, so you avoid harmful complications. The removal process takes as little as 30 minutes in some cases. We then suture the area closed and may administer medications to the area. A friend or family member can take you home, as the sedation takes time to wear off. We will provide prescriptions for medications to help ensure a proper healing period and keep you comfortable. Most people return to their normal routine after 24 hours, and in that time need to rest, avoid straws, be gentle when brushing and flossing, and eat only soft foods.

If you have any questions about how our team will protect your smile by extracting wisdom teeth, then contact our office today to learn more or to schedule your next visit. We look forward to helping you with your complex oral health concerns, providing a gentle and esthetic-friendly approach to oral surgery.

Learn More About Tooth Extraction in Santa Rosa, CA

Our team wants to help you avoid the serious complications associated with the arrival of your third molars. To learn more about how we prevent impaction and other complications, then give us a call at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at (707)545-4625 today!