Category: Oral Pathology

3 Things To Bring To Your Visit

Are you someone who likes to feel completely prepared for just about anything? When it comes to preparing for oral surgery, you may feel that the stakes are a bit higher. The last thing you want is to show up without an essential item, only to find yourself faced with rescheduling and coming in for… Read more »

What Are Those Oral Surgery Terms?

Do you understand that there’s something going on with your oral health that requires you to visit us for oral surgery – but you feel like your knowledge ends there? Are you discovering that there are a few terms related to our field of oral care that continue to throw you off a bit, so… Read more »

Oral Pathology 101

Discovering that something has changed in your mouth can cause a pang of panic. Whether you notice a bump, lump, or other change, we strongly encourage you to schedule an oral pathology visit with us. Even if you are experiencing no discomfort, sudden symptoms may point to a treatable problem that – when detected early… Read more »

I Have A Bump – What Do I Do?

We encourage you to visit us once every six months, so we can keep a close watch on your oral health. This will allow us to detect problems as they arise and often well before you even notice something is not quite right. However, if you notice a bump in your mouth, we urge you… Read more »

Understanding Oral Pathology – Oral Cancer

In the realm of dental surgery, oral pathology describes detecting, treating, and educating patients on serious oral health concerns – one of the most significant being oral cancer. As experts in complex oral health issues, we help explain the importance of oral pathology, particularly oral cancer detection, and how it can help you overcome the… Read more »