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Oral Surgery: Fix Your Smile, Stop The Stress

You may feel as though you are stressed about potentially coming in for oral surgery. However, we remind you: Our Santa Rosa, CA team can absolutely help you through that! We can explain every last detail of what to expect, talk you through the comfort level you can look forward to (which is quite high),… Read more »

Winter Break Plans? But Summer Isn’t Even Over!

Yes, we know, the last thing on your mind at the moment is winter break. You’re finally getting back into the swing of things, now that summer vacation is over, the kids are back in school, and the thought of winter break seems like a distant thing to consider. We get it. However, our Santa… Read more »

I Still Have My Wisdom Teeth! Now What?

If you still have your wisdom teeth, whether you’re a young adult or well into adulthood, you may feel as though you must have missed the boat. You look around you and see that many individuals have their third molars removed the moment these teeth arrive, so you’re not sure if you should be doing something… Read more »

Why Third Molars Often Become Problems

What many people most commonly know as wisdom teeth are actually their third set of molars – the permanent teeth that develop and erupt at the ends of your dental ridges. Following the development of your second set of permanent molars, wisdom teeth usually begin to erupt by the age of 18. For many people,… Read more »

Reasons (To Ditch) That You’re Avoiding Oral Surgery

For some patients, discovering that our Rohnert Park, CA practice offers the oral surgery treatment they need is a huge relief. For others, in addition to relief there’s some sense that simply requiring treatment from us is something to be upset about, embarrassed about, etc. As a result, you may feel the urge to run… Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: Do I Really Need Them Taken Out?

You may find that as you learn about wisdom teeth removal, you have trouble feeling certain about it. Part of you wonders: Do I really need my third molars removed? Of course, if you’re dealing with obvious symptoms, such as pain or decayed teeth, you’re already experiencing problems that let you know you would benefit… Read more »

Removing Wisdom Teeth: Facts To Make You Feel Better

When you learn that wisdom teeth removal is strongly suggested for your smile (or when you aren’t quite sure yet but it appears that it’s something you might need to look into), you might feel a quick jolt of uncertainty. What happens if you decide to follow through on extractions? Should you be weighing pros… Read more »

What If I Don’t Get The Extraction I Need?

Sometimes in life, when there’s something you really don’t want to do, you consider the associated benefits and then the potential consequences. Even when there are some negative consequences, you may find that you take the gamble and skip out on that particular “thing” that would serve you well because you feel afraid! Though this… Read more »

How Much Do You Know About Wisdom Teeth?

The last four teeth to grow on your dental ridge, known as wisdom teeth, are technically your third set of permanent molars. For most people, however, two sets are enough, and there is often little room left on their dental ridges to accommodate more. This often leads to problems with the growth and development of… Read more »

Why You Still Have Your Wisdom Teeth

Perhaps you have been wondering why you still have your wisdom teeth. Why didn’t anyone ever tell you to have them taken out? Why didn’t you ever agree to have them taken out? Or, why didn’t your parents have them removed when you were a teenager like many of your friends? This is one of… Read more »