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Why You Don’t Need to Replace Extracted Wisdom Teeth

For most cases that involve the need for tooth loss, removing the tooth is required because no other solution will suffice. With the goal of fully restoring your smile, however, many tooth extraction procedures are followed as soon as possible by replacing the extracted tooth. Doing so helps you avoid the potential consequences of tooth… Read more »

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Hurt? And Other Important Questions

Most people recognize wisdom teeth for one thing above all else – the trouble they often cause. In fact, wisdom teeth are among the most frequently types of extracted teeth due to the numerous ways in which they can threaten your oral health. At our Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgery office, we understand well the… Read more »

Signs that Your Wisdom Teeth Have Become Impacted

The most well-known thing about wisdom teeth, or third molars, is that they’re often the most problematic of all of your teeth. For some people, the trouble begins right away, as the molar may be impacted within the jawbone before it ever has a chance to erupt. For others, the tooth may partially erupt, but… Read more »

The Results of Postponing Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are unique to your other teeth in several important ways. For one thing, they aren’t exactly necessary. Over the past millennia, the human diet has grown softer, and two sets of permanent molars are more than adequate to process it. Our jawbone’s have also grown smaller, which often leads to… Read more »

3 Not So Wise Wisdom Tooth Choices 

You know that they’re called wisdom teeth because these final molars show up last, later in your life, when you’re just entering adulthood and have gained so much more insight! However, while you may feel like quite the knowledgeable sage, it’s very possible you aren’t making the wisest choices in terms of what to do… Read more »

You Should Call Us ASAP If You’re This Type Of Patient! 

No, we’re not suggesting you call us right away if you’re a wonderful patient, a dedicated patient, or anything along those lines. Instead, our Santa Rosa, CA team’s focus today is as follows: We remind you that if you’re the type of patient who really wants to take care of oral surgery needs before the… Read more »

What Wisdom Teeth Removal Helps You Avoid

Wisdom teeth: Almost everybody develops them, most people aren’t sure what to do about them, and it’s extremely common for one to need them removed! With that said, there may be a part of you that’s wondering why? Can’t you just ignore them, assume things are fine, hope for the best, and get on with… Read more »

Oral Surgery: Fix Your Smile, Stop The Stress

You may feel as though you are stressed about potentially coming in for oral surgery. However, we remind you: Our Santa Rosa, CA team can absolutely help you through that! We can explain every last detail of what to expect, talk you through the comfort level you can look forward to (which is quite high),… Read more »

Winter Break Plans? But Summer Isn’t Even Over!

Yes, we know, the last thing on your mind at the moment is winter break. You’re finally getting back into the swing of things, now that summer vacation is over, the kids are back in school, and the thought of winter break seems like a distant thing to consider. We get it. However, our Santa… Read more »

I Still Have My Wisdom Teeth! Now What?

If you still have your wisdom teeth, whether you’re a young adult or well into adulthood, you may feel as though you must have missed the boat. You look around you and see that many individuals have their third molars removed the moment these teeth arrive, so you’re not sure if you should be doing something… Read more »