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Why Are Wisdom Teeth a Problem for Many People?

Most of the concerns that your smile might face can either develop as a result of inadequate hygiene and bacterial buildup, or an underlying concern that you might not be able to prevent. The problem with wisdom teeth, or third molars, is that the concerns they can cause when they become impacted aren’t exactly preventable…. Read more »

Why Is Extraction Common for Wisdom Teeth?

While healthy, natural adult teeth are capable of lasting a lifetime with the right care and maintenance, some teeth may face problems during their growth and development that can compromised that capability. Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are among the most common types of teeth to develop such problems, such as becoming impacted due to… Read more »

What It Means When a Wisdom Tooth Gets Impacted

Wisdom tooth impaction isn’t as common as many other oral health concerns, but when it occurs, it can become a serious threat and source of discomfort to your oral health. Unless you’ve already experienced it, the condition may seem like a mystery, and fortunately, there may be a chance that you’ll never have to deal… Read more »

Do You Have to Replace an Extracted Wisdom Tooth?

If your wisdom teeth, or third molars, become impacted when they try to erupt along your dental ridge, then extracting them might be the only recourse for saving your smile from the consequences. If you do need wisdom tooth extraction, then you may have several questions about the procedure and what it could mean for… Read more »

How Extracting Wisdom Teeth Helps

When many people first develop their wisdom teeth (also known as third molars), they may not experience any problems. However, over time, many people can start to develop discomfort in the area around their wisdom teeth, or may notice changes in the integrity and position of their other teeth. For some people, wisdom teeth can… Read more »

Common Questions About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

One of the most well-known facts about third molars, which are often known as wisdom teeth, is the fact that many people who have them often have to have them extracted. However, even when wisdom teeth start to cause trouble, many people fail to recognize the warning, or believe that it isn’t that big of… Read more »

Signs that You Should Extract Your Third Molars

Even if you’ve never had to remove any of your wisdom teeth, or haven’t developed any, you may be familiar with the common problems they can cause. In fact, when most people talk about wisdom teeth, it’s in the context of having to remove them due to the complications they’re causing, or in surprise that… Read more »

A Closer Look at Your Wisdom Teeth

Unlike many common oral health problems, those that result from the improper eruption of your wisdom teeth (or third molars) can be difficult to predict. Wisdom teeth can more easily become impacted than other types of teeth because they’re the last ones to develop along your dental ridges. Yet, they don’t always become impacted, and… Read more »

How Extracting Wisdom Teeth Improves Your Oral Health

There are many reasons why people worry about their wisdom teeth, even if they haven’t started to hurt yet. Most people recognized wisdom teeth as some of the most frequently problematic types of teeth, due mainly to the fact that they can so often become impacted. Unlike many other oral health concerns that may have… Read more »

A Few Things to Remember About Your Wisdom Teeth

If you never heard of wisdom teeth before, then you may be surprised to find yourself still growing teeth well into your adulthood. Fortunately, most people recognize what wisdom teeth are, and more importantly, they’ve heard (at least to some degree) about the problems wisdom teeth can often cause. Because of these problems, extracting wisdom… Read more »