Post-Surgery Recovery: What To Expect

We recognize that while many patients are aware of the significance associated with oral surgery, many worry about post-surgery recovery. Rather than allowing your concerns to get the best of you, we encourage you to become more familiar with what you can expect as you heal. Fortunately, the benefits of surgery far outweigh the potential mild inconvenience you may experience after your treatment. Even more wonderful is the fact that you can expect to head home fully informed and prepared to return to your usual daily life in no time.

First, You Will Receive Take-Home Literature

We understand that some patients worry they will not know what to do after surgery, particularly because they will leave their procedure while under sedation. Rest assured, you will not need to remember every detail about post-surgery recovery. Our practice will send you home with detailed instructions according to your particular treatment. Remember, however, that we are always happy to take your call if a question arises.

Expect New Sensations That Will Subside

True, recovery may mean a tiny bit of discomfort and some swollen tissue, but you do not need to sit in fear of anything serious. Your body is doing its best to heal quickly and effectively, so minor changes and unusual sensations are not at all uncommon. We will provide you with the means of achieving excellent comfort during your recovery period. Suggestions and options may include the following:

  • Information regarding how to rely on cold or warm compresses
  • A prescription for pain medication, so you can remain completely comfortable following your oral surgery

Some Rest And Temporary Changes Will Be Necessary

Surgery can take a bit of a toll on your body – fortunately, by following our instructions, you can enjoy successful post-surgery recovery. You may need to rest at home for a few days. In addition, we will let you know if you need to alter your usual daily dental habits or typical daily medications. Follow our lead and you will find yourself in excellent shape.


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