What Happens After Oral Surgery?

Immediately following surgery, you will rest for a while in our recovery room. During this time, our surgical team will monitor your condition until you are feeling well enough to leave. Before departing for home, your surgeon will ensure you are stable to leave and go over specific instructions for the following few days.

How will I feel?

You may experience some swelling, mild discomfort, or discoloration of the skin, all of which is a normal part of the healing process. Cold compresses in the first 24 hours will help decrease swelling. You will be discharged home with appropriate pain medication to help with your discomfort. Your jaw may be sore and may not open as wide as usual. After 48 hours, warm, moist heat applied to the face may be helpful as can gently opening and closing the mouth. It is important that you follow the specific post-operative instruction given to you at discharge so that your recovery goes as smooth as possible.

What Should I do After Surgery?

You will be discharged home with a detailed instruction sheet that outlines your specific home care instructions. Please be sure to read and follow these guidelines. You may be asked to modify your diet and eat soft foods and drink plenty of fluids for a few days. Avoid eating hard, sticky, or rough foods and remember that smoking can slow the healing process. Depending upon your surgery, you may be asked to limit your straw use or avoid wearing your denture for a few days. It is important that you continue your regularly prescribed medications, but some medications may need to be adjusted for a limited time. Your surgeon will discuss this with you before discharge. Rest assure there is a member of the surgical team always available to advise you should you have any questions or concerns after going home.