Today, dental implants are the standard of care for restoring the aesthetic and functional qualities of missing natural teeth. Traditionally, multiple implants, extensive bone grafting, and long healing times were necessary to receive implants, particularly for the support of bridges and dentures. Using the All-On-Four technique, we can place dental implants in a way that avoids extensive bone grafting and decreases recovery time. In certain cases, the dental implants can be placed at the same time that teeth are removed, and some patients can have their replacement teeth attached to the implants the same day, as well.



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To prepare for your All-On-Four procedure, we perform a thorough consultation and a 3D scan of your jaws and oral structures. We will explain the process and costs involved, and answer all your questions, before your scheduled treatment.

After your procedure, you may have some mild discomfort, and you will need to eat softer foods during your recovery. Approximately four to six months after the procedure, after the implants have integrated with your jawbone, your teeth will be reinforced for strength.

While no procedure can restore teeth to the exact strength and appearance of your original teeth, the all-on-four procedure can have you eating and smiling confidently again in a quick and affordable manner.

If you have questions or concerns, or wish to speak with one of our oral/maxillofacial specialists, then please contact our staff at Santa Rosa Oral Surgery, or set up an appointment by clicking here.