3 Things That Are Normal After Oral Surgery

One of the most challenging aspects of going home after oral surgery is the fact that you are a patient, not an oral surgeon. As a result, you may find that you have trouble deciding whether something you notice is just a normal part of the recovery process or if it’s a reason to become alarmed and contact us. While we are always more than happy to take your call, so you can check in with us about anything related to your oral health, we know that a little additional knowledge is always helpful. We’ve got a few details to cover, so you aren’t faced with any unwelcome surprises.

#1: Skin Discoloration

Did you know that it’s completely normal to notice some changes in the color of your skin after oral surgery? As you know, bruising can appear in many hues! If you notice your skin looks different, rest assured, this is a common change that will fade as you recover. Of course, if it looks out of the ordinary, please call us.

#2: A Little Discomfort

We will be glad to prescribe you with pain medication that is appropriate for your needs. As a result, you can expect a mostly comfortable and relaxing recovery process. However, with any surgery including oral surgery, you may notice a bit of soreness. This is nothing to be worried about. If severe pain or persistent discomfort continues, give us a call. If you’re frustrated because it hurts a little bit to open your mouth, this is completely normal.

#3: Minor Inflammation

Dealing with a little swelling? No problem. This is normal, as well. We will provide you with instructions regarding remedies to ease inflammation in aftercare details.


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