Dental Implants And Coffee: Potential Downsides

You may have heard that coffee drinkers who drink several cups daily may be doing something beneficial for their smiles. All of those antioxidants may have the ability to help you avoid problems like oral cancer. However, as you may have also guessed, there’s more to this than meets the eye. You’ve always heard that coffee isn’t very good for your smile, so you wonder about drinking it with dental implants in place. Let’s talk about how to manage this beloved drink!

It Stains

Yes, as you may have imagined, your coffee does not only stain your natural dental tissue. It can also cause the restorations topping your dental implants to become yellowed, too. Of course, you can always chase the coffee with water to rinse teeth and restorations clean. Then, go brush! You can also drink coffee in one sitting, then clean your smile, rather than sipping it throughout the day (and exposing your smile to staining pigments for extended periods).

It Is Drying

Your coffee habit may have something to do with your dry mouth, if this is an issue for you. Unfortunately, this problem and dental implants don’t mix. You’ll want to remember that when your mouth isn’t moist, you are opening yourself up to a greater chance of gum problems, bad breath, etc. Keep your smile clean and hydrated (and ask for help if you need it).

It Can Erode Dental Tissue

True, you might not be putting your crowns at risk by drinking coffee but you will still be putting any remaining natural teeth in harm’s way. When you drink coffee, the acids soften your teeth. Over time, this may lead to weakening and associated problems. Again, simply remember to drink with caution and to keep your smile clean if giving up your daily java isn’t an option!

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