Implants: Do The Things You Didn’t Do For Your Teeth

What is it that you didn’t do when you had all of your natural teeth that you sometimes wish you’d followed through on? Perhaps one of the issues that led you to require dental implants is something you think you would like to “do better” with in the future. Let’s talk about a couple easy actions you can take that will help you ensure you’re doing all that you can to protect those implants you have received, so your smile is intact, safe, and beautiful forever!

Wear That Athletic Mouthguard

Maybe you used to think about wearing an athletic mouthguard before you dealt with tooth loss. Perhaps you never even realized it was an option! In any case, now that you’ve receive a dental implant, you really want it to stay put and to provide you with all of the amazing benefits it can bring. So, now might be the time to start wearing a mouthguard when you’re doing anything athletic-centered that can lead to facial trauma or any type of dental damage. As a result, you won’t look back and think, “If only I’d worn some protection, I could have kept my implant safe!” Not sure where to begin? Just ask us.

Come In Immediately If Something Changes

Maybe before you ever received a dental implant, you would wait when problems, changes, or uncertainties cropped up with your oral health. As you know, this is a form of “gambling” with your smile health. Perhaps you even know firsthand that waiting too long can lead to problems like tooth loss! If you want to keep that dental implant safe, simply get into the habit of scheduling a visit with us or your general dentist if something sends up a red flag regarding your smile.

Protect Implants With Easy Care Tips

Make sure you protect your dental implants by going the extra mile to keep them safe (don’t worry, it’s easy and we can help). Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.