Back To Basics: All About The Dental Post

You may hear the term dental implant thrown around to mean many things, particularly when you’re doing a search online or talking with friends. Unfortunately, when you are having trouble getting the lingo matched up with the right definition, you may have some mixed up ideas about what’s what in the world of teeth replacement. Let’s begin by going back to basics and starting with the very foundation of what it means to receive an implant: It’s time to talk about the dental post.

This Is Your Implant

Your dental post is your dental implant. When you remember that these two terms are synonymous, it will better help you remember what your implant really is! It’s composed of biocompatible material (titanium) that won’t hurt your gum tissue, your jaw tissue, or any other tissue. This means your body will accept it instead of rejecting it.

It Replaces Just Your Roots

Okay, so, your implant is a dental post. You understand that it’s a post and that it’s made of titanium but what’s is really doing, you wonder? Well, it’s going to rest within your jaw tissue (we will surgically implant it). It will stick up just above your gumline. The only part of your tooth that it’s physically replacing is your roots. Nothing else.

It Acts As Your Replacement’s Very Stable Foundation

This is why people often use the term “dental implant” to refer to the entirety of your tooth’s replacement: On top of the dental post, we place a little piece called an abutment, which will connect your crown to the implant. So, your post will support the crown, giving you your full “tooth” back!

Learn All About Implant Posts When You See Us

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