Remember: We Offer So Many Solutions

Since you’re not someone who studies implants and spends your days researching the companies who provide biocompatible prosthetics to the dental field, you may assume an implant is an implant is an implant. Certainly there’s not much in the way of variety when you’re finding out more if you need to replace a tooth (or multiple teeth). Right? The truth is, there’s so much diversity within this one area of care that you will be shocked when you discuss your options! Today, let’s talk a bit about Nobel dental implants.

Whatever You Need

Whether you’re someone with an extremely strong jaw who is immediately prepared for a single implant or if you’re an individual with some jaw health concerns who may require something like All-On-4 (the placement of four implants to support a denture), Nobel dental implants provide you with options. They offer designs that ensure a stable bite for a wide range of patient needs. Talk with us about your smile and what you require and we will explain this solution amongst others.

Some Serious Benefits

One of the reasons we rely on Nobel dental implants as one of our options for replacing teeth is because they offer a long list of benefits that are extremely advantageous to our patients. Our goal is to see you happy, smiling a complete, functional smile, and knowing that it will last. The variety of widths, shapes, esthetics, and systems provided by this particular company equates to the comprehensive breadth of solutions our patients need, even if you’re someone worried about candidacy. Get the beautiful smile (that works, too!) by talking with us soon.

Get Your Smile Back Soon With Our Implant Options

Talk with us about Nobel dental implants and other options that will guide you toward a stable, complete smile after tooth loss. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.