When You Choose Implants: 3 Ways You’re “Saving”

You might hear over and over that dental implants are extremely beneficial, that they’re very cost-effective even though they seem to require a large investment, and that they can really last. As a result, you begin to cultivate an idea about them that makes it seem as though they help save you time, save you money, and save your smile! Is this really true, you ask yourself? Or, are you just getting a bit carried away because implants sound extremely attractive? Our Santa Rosa, CA team reassures you that you actually are “saving” in many ways when you select implants and it’s certainly worth it. Learn more.

You’re Not Replacing Them Every Few Years

You’re not going to have to replace your dental implants every three years or so. In fact, you’re not going to be replacing them ever, assuming you care for them and all goes well! You’re saving, as a result, time, as well as money, effort, frustration, and more. Remember, though traditional prosthetics like bridges, full dentures, and partial dentures can provide you with a solution, they will need you to replace them or fix them every so often.

You’re Not Buying Extra “Stuff” For Them Every Month

Our team would like for you to keep in mind that you’re not going to need to purchase a case for your prosthetic if you are wearing dental implants and crowns or a fixed hybrid denture. You definitely won’t need adhesives. You see where we’re headed with this: You won’t be spending money on accessories, which are frequently required for traditional dentures, for example.

You’re Not Damaging Existing Teeth

Think about what happens when you choose a traditional dental bridge or a partial denture. These devices rely on your natural teeth that are still standing in your smile for support. For some, this is a good thing! However, remember that over time, relying on your teeth for support can lead to some amount of damage. When teeth become damaged, they require repair, which will cost you. Don’t forget that when you choose dental implants to support any type of restoration, the implants are doing the work. As a result, you’re saving the life and safety of your teeth as you preserve what remains of your natural tissue!

See Us For Details About What Makes Implants Worth It

If you think that implants may work for you but you want to feel better about any aspect of the required investment, we strongly encourage you to discuss the details with us! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.