From Missing Teeth To Implants: Embrace And Enjoy The Difference

When you are used to something, whether it’s good or not-so-good, it can be very difficult to make a change. This is often very true of individuals who are missing teeth but who would like to change that by coming in to our Santa Rosa, CA practice to receive dental implants. While you know this is, of course, a fantastic decision that will mean a very positive impact for your smile, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a bit fearful of the changes. What will happen when your smile becomes different, thanks to teeth replacements? While it can seem a bit scary, we are here to remind you that these differences will actually mean such wonderful things for your smile and its future. Find out just what we mean as we answer common questions.

What If It Makes My Smile Feel Different?

You may ask yourself, what if dental implants make my smile feel different? At first, this may seem a little scary. You’ve gotten used to your smile feeling different since you lost your teeth, of course, which wasn’t something you enjoyed. What’s it going to be like once you have artificial teeth in place of your current spaces? We can assure you, this is going to be a positive experience! Unlike losing your teeth, you will recognize that you’re gaining your complete smile and getting all of your function back. Will you adjust to the new sensations? Yes, and it will be quite quick.

What If My Smile Looks Different?

You might hope for the best but you may secretly be worried that your smile will be complete but that you won’t like the way your dental implant-supported restorations look. Fortunately, we can reassure you that no matter what you choose, whether it’s implants and crowns, dentures, or otherwise, you will be pleasantly surprised by your “new” smile. We work with beautiful, high-quality materials that appear natural, so your smile will indeed look different. It will look wonderful!

What If Brushing And Flossing Become Different?

Yes, your dental hygiene will be different. You will learn how to brush and floss around dental implants and restorations. Will this be difficult? Nope. It will be simple. While there may be the slightest change in your routine, the main difference will be how much easier it is to keep your smile clean once you have replacement teeth!

Make Your Smile So Much Better With Implants

Improve your smile, its health, and its appearance when you select dental implants with our practice. Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.