Marking Your Implant Goals Holiday By Holiday

It’s so easy to say, “I’d love to have a complete smile by next winter!” However, when it comes to the actual details that require you to adhere to a timeline, to have a sense of pacing yourself, and more, it all becomes a little bit abstract. It can be easy to fantasize about replacing your teeth with dental implants but then to look up in November and realize you have not yet begun. While there are many different and effective ways to approach your smile journey, our Santa Rosa, CA team suggests something somewhat fun: Use the holidays as your markers of time!

By New Year’s Eve

You’ll have to get started with your dental implant research by coming in to meet with our team. Since this first of your many steps is often the easiest one to avoid and the most absolute essential step, we suggest: Call us by New Year’s Eve of this year! When you know that you are already set up to talk with our implant experts in 2019, you can breathe an absolutely huge sigh of relief! You haven’t even spoken with us in person yet but you’ve already gotten started.

By Valentine’s Day

We suggest that you plan to see us by Valentine’s Day for your initial visit. You are, of course, free to come in earlier than that! However, you want to be able to get going with replacing your missing teeth, of course, so planning to see our dental implant team within the first couple months of the new year is very reasonable. You won’t feel rushed but you also won’t feel as though you wasted any time. (You’ll also get to enjoy any sugary valentines you receive without too much oral health guilt, having already made movement on improving your smile).

By Next Winter Holiday!

Yes, about your goal for having your teeth replaced with the help of dental implants and beautiful restorations from our team: Decide that your final deadline is to reach your finish line by the winter holidays of next year. It gives you about a year to fully complete your goal, to enjoy the journey free of anxiety or feeling rushed, and to sit down to next Christmas dinner with a full smile!

Set Goals With Our Team For Your Implants

Come in to see us as soon as you can, so you may set goals for yourself in regard to receiving dental implants! Schedule the time you need in Santa Rosa, CA by calling Santa Rosa Oral Surgery at 707-545-4625 to schedule your visit today.