What Makes Tooth Replacement With Implants So Stable?

It’s the one word you hear over and over that makes you feel more and more excited about dental implant support: Stable. You hear that there’s nothing quite as stable as implants. You know that if you go the traditional route for your tooth replacements, you may be looking at a complete smile that isn’t going to necessarily offer you the certainty that you want. However, as for what exactly makes choosing implants such a rock solid solution for your grin, leaving you with immovable teeth, and easy daily function, as well as confidence … well, it’s a bit of a mystery. Today, the mystery is solved, as you learn more with our Rohnert Park, CA team!

Restorations Are Custom Made To Fit Over Implants

Let’s talk about what happens when you receive any type of restoration for your dental implant or dental implants. You know, of course, that you may restore one implant with one dental crown. Or, you may rely on multiple implants to support a bridge, partial, or full denture. Here’s the story: When your restoration is crafted, it is made to fit securely over your implant posts. We use a connective device called an abutment to make this a solid fit. So, there’s no wiggle room. Instead, there’s just a custom-crafted secure solution.

They Don’t Rely On Suction, Clasps, Etc.

We would now like you to consider how traditionally supported prosthetics are held in place. Remember, this means that there are no dental implants involved. Instead, the device relies on your natural oral tissues. If you have experienced complete tooth loss, then a denture will stay in place with the help of natural suction in your mouth. If you have a bridge, it will be bonded to your teeth. If you have a partial denture, it will rely on suction (and clasps will temporarily rely on existing teeth). There’s a lot more chance of movement, damage, etc.

Implants Are Anchored Deep And Fused With Your Jaw

Focus for a moment on the support you receive from dental implants. You will not simply be receiving support from your gumline and above. Instead, the implants act like root replacements, fusing with your jawbone, which means a deep and un-moving anchor upon which your restorations will sit. This offers … you guessed it … amazing stability!

Enjoy The Exceptional Stability Of Implants

Find out what makes dental implants such an extremely stable solution for your tooth replacement, as you’re seeking out a final choice. Come in for a consultation for answers about your unique needs. Schedule the time you need in Rohnert Park, CA by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery at 707-584-1630 to schedule your visit today.