All-On-Four Treatment Can Make Smile Restoration Easier

While the use of dental implants in prosthetic dental work has led to better experiences with prosthetic appliances, people sometimes about the implant placement process. This can be especially true for those who have suffered significant losses, and worry that implant placement will be a prolonged and uncomfortable experience. With the All-On-Four procedure, our office is able to prepare a person for treatment while minimizing the number of implants they receive, and the work they must undergo. Rather than move forward with a process that requires a long recovery period, and may demand jawbone grafting, we can instead arrange to place four implants in carefully chosen areas to hold an appliance in position.

Four Smartly-Placed Implants Can Hold A Larger Restoration

With just four dental implants, we can make sure you have an entire row of teeth restored. This is possible thanks to careful planning, which includes a detailed study of your oral structures and jaw. The placement of your implant posts can be arranged to limit the need for preliminary work, and to make sure you have enough support for your restoration. When in place, your dental implants will be able to help you with biting and chewing tasks, and also provide the stimulation that protects your jawbone from deterioration.

Planning Your All-On-Four Procedure

Advanced imaging technology helps us plan advanced procedures with our patients. We can take 3D visuals that help us determine where to place your dental implants, and what – if any – preliminary work might be required before moving forward.

With the All-On-Four procedure, we can do more than just limit how much work your implant placement might involve. This approach allows us to shorten waiting periods to begin your restorative treatment – for some people, we can actually arrange implant placement after their teeth have been removed.

What To Expect After Your Full Smile Is Restored

When doing work with dental implants, the end goal is to help a person show off a restored, functional smile. While this arrangement may not provide the level of support natural teeth provide, you can look forward to eating a fuller diet, while also being able to speak, laugh, and smile with confidence. Over time, your dental implants can create stimulation in your jawbone that helps the bone maintain its shape and density.

Our Practice Is Ready To Provide Your All-On-Four Procedure!

Tooth loss can have a a devastating effect on your appearance, your dental function, and your oral health. With the All-On-Four procedure, we have helped many people regain a full, confident smile while minimizing the work involved in dental implant placement. Have you suffered advanced tooth loss, or are you facing the prospect of losing teeth? With our help, you can regain your smile, and avoid the many concerns people have about an incomplete smile. You can schedule a consultation by calling calling our Santa Rosa practice at 707-545-4625, or by calling our Rohnert Park office at 707-584-1630.