How Long Could Dental Implants Last?

santa rosa dental implantsDental implant recipients express a 98% approval rating, and their new teeth could stay in place for decades to come. But how do they last so long? What makes them act like a natural tooth? In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park, CA, oral and maxillofacial surgeons explain how we help you enjoy new teeth that really last!

Inserting Your Roots and Attaching a Restoration

Your natural teeth have roots, which are set into the jawbone and are key for preserving your jawbone and keeping the tooth healthy and functional. With implant dentistry, we insert a titanium post, which is biocompatible and accepted by the body as a natural root. This means the loss of mass and density in the jawbone, which usually follows tooth loss, doesn’t occur. As a result, your post is essentially a new root that supports your tooth!

Long-Lasting Potential

After the placement area heals, we will attach an abutment that extends above the gum line. We attach the crown to the abutment, which then acts as the visible portion of your tooth. The crown will be color-matched to blend with your smile, and created from materials that can absorb daily bite forces too. Now, you have a tooth that could last for several decades or a lifetime allowing you to smile, eat, and talk with confidence again.

Keeping Your Smile Full

How should you protect your new teeth? Well, simple actions at home like brushing and flossing daily could help keep factors like gum disease at bay, ensuring your new teeth can last without failure, even well beyond the ten-year mark. You should also avoid tobacco products, and of course, see your general dentist for checkups and cleanings to fight plaque and tartar buildup. We may also schedule follow-ups to monitor your new teeth and ensure they stay in place and continue to offer a full smile.

If you have lost a tooth, or most of them, then don’t continue to live with tooth loss! Instead, contact our team to schedule a consultation. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons know how to address minor and severe tooth loss with implant dentistry, and to ensure the placement and restoration process is a comfortable one, even for patients with dental anxiety.

Do You Have Questions About Addressing Tooth Loss?

We would like to help you address minor or severe tooth loss alike with implant dentistry, so you can eat and speak without complication, and smile with confidence again. To learn more about how we offer complete smiles again, then schedule a consultation by calling Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery in Santa Rosa, CA, today at 707-545-4625. With oral surgery and advanced treatment options and technologies, we can rebuild your smile and improve oral health and function.