Will You Need An Extraction Before Implant Placement?

rohnert park tooth extractionWhen you have a substantial case of tooth loss, you may be beyond the help of a bridge, and instead may need a partial or full denture. We can support a fixed set with dental implants, but we may need to prepare your smile with general tooth extraction. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park, CA, oral surgeons talk about extraction and implant placement.

The Extraction Process

When you have teeth that are severely infected or diseased, or if you’re missing most of your teeth and need to clear the way for a set of dentures, we can perform a tooth extraction. The process is fairly simple. We begin with detailed digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to identify the positions of these teeth, and watch for nerve tissues and sinus cavities. We then plan the process and gently extract the teeth in question with a pair of forceps. In some cases, the entire process could take as little as 30 minutes.


We know the idea of oral surgery, especially when teeth are being removed, it can cause a little anxiety. To help you remain comfortable and relaxed, in addition to a local anesthetic, we can provide sedation. We have three options, nitrous oxide, oral, and sedation. These allow you to enter a relaxed state with little to no memory of the procedure at all. The effects may take time to wear off completely, so have a friend or family member on hand to take you home and bring you any prescribed medications or instructions for aftercare. Often, people return to normal activities after only a day of rest.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Once the teeth have been removed, we will then address your missing ones with the placement of one or more dental implant posts. With options like TreFoil and All-On-Four, we can extract teeth, insert dental implants, and attach a denture in one visit, as these use smaller, more economical implant posts that require less structure to stay in place. You can actually leave the office with a complete smile, one that looks great and is fixed in place, ready to provide decades of quality tooth replacement.

If you have any questions about how we handle missing teeth, or about our options for treating extracting teeth, then contact our team today. We want to help you smile with confidence again, and enjoy better oral health too.

Do You Have Any Questions About General Extraction?

We would like to help you enjoy a full smile again, and can prepare your smile for dental implant placement. If you would like to learn more about addressing the loss of one or more of your natural teeth, then contact your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons by calling 707-545-4625.