Oral Surgery Helps Treat Complex Issues

santa rosa oral surgeryWhen you have facial trauma, or issues with wisdom tooth eruption or missing teeth, then you may need oral surgery. Our team can take on serious and complex issues, so you enjoy good oral health. In today’s blog, your Santa Rosa , CA, oral surgeons talk about our approach to oral surgery.

When You Need Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is designed to address the serious and complex issues that cannot be addressed by your general dentist or orthodontist alone. We will work alongside your general dentist or orthodontist to ensure your treatment continues seamlessly following your oral surgery. Our team has experience with a host of serious concerns, and take the appearance of your smile into account too. Our doctors are part of the Trauma Team at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, so we follow the strict guidelines and protocols expected of a hospital operating room when we treat your smile.

Starting with an Initial Visit

To get started, schedule a consultation with our team so we can take a close look at your smile with advanced imaging technology. We will also look at any damage and complications related to your injury or concern, so we can plan the treatment in detail. Every smile is unique, and we take a personalized approach to your concerns. Our team will also employ local anesthetic and dental sedation to help you stay comfortable and relaxed, with little to no memory of the procedure. This can even help those with dental anxiety or special needs receive treatment in a relaxing and positive atmosphere.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, erupt in our late teens and early 20s, and when they do, this can cause misalignment, damaged teeth, impaction, and more. To prevent this, we can remove the wisdom teeth before they erupt. If they have already erupted, we can extract them so you can undergo orthodontic treatment to correct the changes to your smile caused by these third molars.

Bracketing Impacted Teeth

When a permanent tooth cannot erupt properly, this could cause an impaction. This means a partial eruption that causes issues with the health and beauty of your smile. In some cases, we extract these teeth, but when possible, we want to bracket them into place so your smile stays whole and healthy. We could work with your orthodontist if you’re receiving braces. Our team will connect a bracket to the impacted tooth and another or a nearby one, and connect them with a chain. We then adjust tension in the chain to shift the tooth into proper position.

Facial Trauma

If you sustain serious facial trauma, an injury that could cause lacerations, fractured or broken bones, or missing teeth, then we can rebuild your smile. We start by addressing missing teeth with dental implants, creating a framework to rebuild your facial structure around, and taking care to ensure your smile not only functions properly but looks great too!

Jawbone Grafting

What if you have lost one or more teeth, and as a result the jawbone structure has weakened and broken down? This could lead to an aged appearance and limit your ability to receive dental implants. But we can rebuild the weakened portion of the lower jaw with a grafting, in which we apply new materials to the jaw to rebuild what has weakened, using bone taken from other parts of your body or from synthetic sources.

Sinus Lifts

For the upper jaw, we can provide new structure to support dental implants and correct the erosion caused by tooth loss with a sinus lift. Our team eventually raises the sinus floor to uncover new structures!

Jaw Surgery

If you have issues with the growth and development of your jaw, or if you have sustained serious injury, we could use jaw surgery to move the jaw in or out, or up or down, to improve bite balance and oral health.

Dental Implants

When you suffer from minor or severe tooth loss, you need a prosthetic to replace the missing teeth. With dental implants, we can provide new teeth that look and function like natural ones, inserted into your jaw and completed with custom crowns. We could even use several to secure a bridge or denture, so you enjoy a full smile again. With All-On-Four, we could do this in one visit, so you leave with a full smile again.

If you have any questions about oral surgery, then contact our team today to learn more.

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Oral surgery can help address minor and severe issues with your smile. If you would like to learn more about treatment options, then contact your Santa Rosa, CA, oral surgeons by calling (707)545-4625.