Dr. Tyko Receives Distinguished Service Award


On May 5, 2018, The California Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons presented Dr. Leonard Tyko with the high honor of The Distinguished Service Award.  Dr. Tyko worked within CALAOMS for 10 years in multiple positions including Editor of the newsletter, Chairman of the Health Foundation, & member of the Board of Directors.  As a Director, Dr Tyko served on many committees and in 2016, was President of the Association.


It was in this capacity as President and Past-President that Dr. Tyko’s leadership was most valuable.  In the face of the significant legislative and media response to a tragic clinical situation in an East Bay office, Dr Tyko provided calm and skillful leadership.  He met with individual legislators for face to face meetings where he presented much needed education as to the training and scope of dental anesthesia practice, gracefully articulating to lawmakers the impeccable safety record for outpatient dental anesthetics.  In addition, he weathered the storm of an unfriendly media environment, and sat with a grieving family in hopes of finding some common ground.


Our congratulations go to Dr. Leonard Tyko for his volunteer service to our dental community.

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