Questions About Bone Grafting

Jawbone grafting describes a variety of surgical techniques designed to strengthen the upper and/or lower jawbone, often in preparation for dental implant placement. By adding density and volume to the bone, your jaw can better support the implant posts and the restoration attached to them. However, bone grafting does more than prepare your jaw for implant placement; the procedure improves the structural integrity of your smile, reducing your risks of further oral health problems in the future.

What is bone grafting?

The point of a bone graft is to add bone, or a biocompatible bone-like material, to your maxilla (upper jawbone), mandible (lower jawbone), or both. In most cases, it is preferable to utilize your own bone, such as from your chin or other area of your body. Donor bone and synthetic bone materials can also be utilized as an alternative.

How can a jawbone graft help me?

A stronger, denser jawbone is beneficial for many reasons, though you may not realize you need one until you’ve been examined by an oral surgeon. If you’ve suffered from severe gum disease, or if you’ve lost a significant amount of teeth, then your jawbone may have deteriorated, which can lead to further tooth loss and a sunken appearance in your surrounding facial features. Bone grafting may also be recommended if;

  • You have a congenital jaw deformity (meaning you were born with the condition)
  • You suffer a certain type of crack or break in your jawbone
  • You still retain your natural teeth, but the bone around them has grown weak and you are at risk of losing one or more of them

Are bone grafts and sinus lifts the same thing?

Though bone grafting is a broad and general term, a sinus lift is performed particularly on your upper jawbone, or maxilla. Thinner than the mandible, the maxilla may not have sufficient room between the bone and the maxillary sinuses that rest above it. A sinus lift involves “lifting” the sinus floor so we can graft bone to the maxilla, making it longer, wider, and stronger.


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