Month: December 2019

Planning Prosthetic Dental Work After Your Extraction

There are circumstances where the best decision for a person’s overall oral health involves the extraction of their tooth. While you can be aware of the benefits to this extraction, the idea of showing off an incomplete smile may make you uncomfortable. Fortunately, our California oral surgery practice is prepared to take on an extraction… Read more »

All-On-Four Treatment Can Make Smile Restoration Easier

While the use of dental implants in prosthetic dental work has led to better experiences with prosthetic appliances, people sometimes about the implant placement process. This can be especially true for those who have suffered significant losses, and worry that implant placement will be a prolonged and uncomfortable experience. With the All-On-Four procedure, our office… Read more »

What Jawbone Grafting Has to Do with Dental Implants

The good news about dental implants is that they don’t just replace lost teeth roots, they also help preserve your jawbone’s strength and integrity by stimulating it. Every time you bite and chew with your new implants, the stimulation tells your body that your jawbone has teeth to support with minerals and nutrients. However, until… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between General and Surgical Extraction?

Tooth extraction seems like a straightforward process, and in many ways it is. If a tooth is in a position that poses a threat to the rest of your oral health, or is too severely compromised to restore and save, then extracting it may be necessary. However, the specific method of extracting a tooth can… Read more »

Signs that Your Wisdom Teeth Have Become Impacted

The most well-known thing about wisdom teeth, or third molars, is that they’re often the most problematic of all of your teeth. For some people, the trouble begins right away, as the molar may be impacted within the jawbone before it ever has a chance to erupt. For others, the tooth may partially erupt, but… Read more »

3 Important Aspects of Tooth Loss

Your entire body is designed to optimize efficiency, so when something significant changes (like losing one or more teeth), it can have farther reaching impacts than you might expect. Tooth loss in particular is a serious problem for more reasons than patients often realize, and to rebuild your smile, we’ll strive to address all of… Read more »

Reasons Why Your Jawbone Might Be Weaker than Before

As the foundation of your smile, the health and integrity of your jawbone structure play important roles in most aspects of your oral health. If it’s compromised due to weakness or a deformity in its structure, then correcting the issue may help improve your oral health, your bite function, your smile’s and face’s appearance, and… Read more »

Are Your Risks for Tooth Loss Higher than Usual?

To some people, tooth loss seems like the kind of thing they’re going to have to deal with at some point in their lives. They may believe the best thing they can do is try to keep their smiles healthy until then, not realizing they could be doing more to prevent having to lose and… Read more »

3 Things You Can Only Regain with Dental Implants

The thing about your teeth is that they consist of, and are responsible for, a lot more than what you can see. Therefore, replacing your lost teeth in a way that rebuilds your smile’s health and function may require more than you expect at first. For example, in addition to the visible parts of your… Read more »

The Results of Postponing Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are unique to your other teeth in several important ways. For one thing, they aren’t exactly necessary. Over the past millennia, the human diet has grown softer, and two sets of permanent molars are more than adequate to process it. Our jawbone’s have also grown smaller, which often leads to… Read more »