Month: May 2018

Implants: Reviewing Common Candidacy Concerns

Whether you’ve already talked a little bit with us about candidacy for dental implants or if you don’t know a thing about it, the details are always worth reviewing! In addition, they might be something that you find a bit hard to grasp because in general, there’s some pathway that will lead you to candidacy…. Read more »

Fixed Implant Dentures: 2 Things You’ve Just Got To Know!

You hear about all sorts of options when it comes to considering implants as you look for ways to replace missing teeth. For edentulous patients (who are missing a full arch or two of teeth), one solution is choosing fixed implant dentures, rather than single implants and crowns to replace each and every tooth. When… Read more »

Hints From Your Oral Surgeon

If you haven’t been the recipient of oral surgery before, then entering this new area of care of your oral tissues may be something of a surprising journey for you! Some may feel excited and ready to go, while others feel a bit more standoffish and curious about what to expect. This is completely normal…. Read more »

The Lineup: Your Options With Dental Implants

You may have heard that implants are very versatile because they work for just about anything when it comes to missing teeth. When this news reaches you, it brings excitement and some relief, of course. What you still need to become aware of, however, is what this really means. For an easy way to take… Read more »

Back To Basics: All About The Dental Post

You may hear the term dental implant thrown around to mean many things, particularly when you’re doing a search online or talking with friends. Unfortunately, when you are having trouble getting the lingo matched up with the right definition, you may have some mixed up ideas about what’s what in the world of teeth replacement…. Read more »

Dental Implant Options: What To Consider?

When you know that you want implants for yourself and you suddenly discover you have lots and lots of dental implant options, this may be music to your ears! However, since you have a general idea about what implants can do for you but you’re a true newbie in regard to these potential options, you… Read more »

Your First Summer Reminder: Teen Wisdom Teeth Removal!

Whether they’re teens or very young adults, your kids are still your kids and if you’re the one handling wisdom teeth removal, then you want the experience to be as easy as possible. You will find that we do our best to throw reminders your way as we are approaching good times for you to… Read more »

Our Oral Surgery Practice: Avoiding Waste

If part of your qualifications as you seek out an oral surgery practice for yourself is that you prefer one that leans toward a green, sustainable, convenient philosophy, then you will be happy when you meet us. We encourage you to take into consideration some of the ways we practice smile care that provide you… Read more »

Dental Implants And Oral Piercings

While we’re not asked this question every day, we do occasionally come across patients who would like to know whether it’s safe to receive an oral piercing and to have dental implants in one’s smile. While this is not impossible to do safely, there are certainly some very big reasons we encourage you to skip… Read more »

Dental Implants: Take The Glass-Half-Full Approach

There may be aspects of dental implants that make you feel a little uneasy. There may be details about your tooth loss that make you feel upset or guilty. When it comes to replacing your teeth, we strongly encourage you to take the glass-half-full approach, which means putting an optimistic spin on whatever the situation… Read more »